4 Convincing Answers on a Job Interview

Your brilliant resume with relevant experiences will not ensure you to get a job. In fact, it will only let you to get a job interview invitation. A job interview is a crucial part during a hiring process. If you couldn’t impress the interviewer, you will walk away empty-handed. Clearly, a job interview is different than a job offer.

Luckily, many job interviews have similar questions. It makes you to be prepared to give proper answers. Here are the most common interview questions with the convincing answers:

  1. Tell me about yourself

As much as you want to be genuine, only answer something about yourself that are relevant with the job. Never tell the interviewer about your odd hobbies or anything to do with your family. It is a general question, but required a specific answer.

It is safe for you to tell your previous relevant job experiences, or your education (as long as it is relevant). Any employer would love to hire someone who have successfully done the kind of position. That is pretty much what they want to know about you, which are hard facts.

Before you are telling hard facts, you can start with yourself as a person. But don’t take too much time on this, as the interviewer is obviously not interested with this kind of information.

  1. What do you do outside of work?

Make sure that your answer is not pointless. Never tell them about your unproductive life outside the office, such as watching television. Employers are looking for a candidate who has work-life balance. Highlight the word ‘balance’, as the interviewer would not be happy with a candidate who are too busy outside of work.

  1. What are your strengths and weakness?

The key of answering this one is being honest, because most employers will check for reference based on your answer. Also, do not be too busy bragging about yourself. Nobody is perfect, so make sure you also mention your weakness. However, your weaknesses are supposed to insignificant with the position you are applying for.

  1. Where do you see yourself in the future?

This is actually such an easy question, because the employer wants you to mention them on the answer. If you are telling them that you see yourself working for the company, and make the job as your main focus, then they would be happy to hire you as one of their employee.